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What follows is a proposed new Section 28.D.5.e to the NAMBA Rulebook to establish the 1/10 Scale Electric Unlimited Hydroplane as a Class in NAMBA:



      i)                  General Rules

 a)            The intent of this class is to replicate the look and competition of real unlimited hydroplane racing. Boats are 1/10-scale replicas (one inch equals 10 inches) of the real boats that have raced on the unlimited circuit. This class shall emphasize scale accuracy.

          b)            Electric 1/10 Scale Unlimited Hydroplane rules will follow the Scale Unlimited Hydroplane rules (see Section 21) with the exception of the following, and are intended as a supplement to the Electric General and Sport Hydro rules. In the case of a conflict with the Scale Unlimited Hydroplane rules (see Section 21) the Electric rules will prevail.

          d)            This Class shall be divided into two sub classes that shall run separately: 

                      (l)    The Vintage Class is defined as those boats conforming to NAMBA Master Hull Roster (MHR) Numbers 2730 through 7008 inclusive, and MHR Numbers: 7102, 7132, 7171, 7206, 7221, 7422, 7499 and 7505.

                      (ll)    The Modern Class is defined as those boats conforming to NAMBA MHR Numbers 7025, 7029, 7175, 7177, 7207, 7251, 7325, 7402, 7441, 7455, 7495, and MHR Hull Numbers 7571 through 0717 and beyond.

       ll)        Vintage Hull Specifications:

           a)            Belly pans or blisters, if added, must be no larger than 2.5 inches wide by 4 inches long.

           b)            Air dams, if installed, must be below the deck line and unobtrusive and not extend beyond the bow.

           c)            Anhedraled left sponsons and modern style sponsons are not allowed on boats running in the vintage class.

           d)            Skid/turn fin shall be mounted to the inside of the left sponson and shall not extend beyond the back of the sponson. The size is limited to a maximum of 2 inches wide by 1 inch deep measured from the sponson riding surface.

           e)            Boats shall use a single rudder at any mounting location on the transom.  The center of the rudder post shall not be located more than 1.25 inches behind the transom.

        lll)        Drive Train

           a)            Any shaft may be used provided it maintains a straight line from hull exit through the strut.

           b)            No gearbox of any configuration is allowed.

           c)            Any single propeller may be used, and a portion of the propeller must be under the transom. The drive dog is defined as not a part of the propeller.

        lv)         Motor Specifications

           a)            Power in this class shall be limited to a single HIMAX HB3630-1500, BLACKJACK A3630-1500 or AQUACRAFT 36/56 (commonly referred to as SV27).

           b)            No modifications may be made to the motor. Except for normal wear, drive flats or keys, electrical connectors and water cooling, it must be run as shipped from the manufacturer.

            c)            Power Limits: 10.1 to 15 Volts nominal, any chemistry.  Maximum of 2 packs in parallel. Maximum total capacity shall be 10,000 mAh. 

         v)     Modern Class Specific Rules:  All rules listed above apply to the Modern Class boats except as follows:

            a)      Any shaft may be used.

            b)      Sponson design shall be up to the builder as long as it does not change the outline shape of the hull.

            c)       Skid/turn fin shall be similar in appearance and location to the full size boat (mounted to the back of the sponson). The size, shape and precise location shall be determined at the discretion of the owner. No hook-shaped skid fins are allowed.

          vl)        Race Format shall be as set forth in Section 21.B and as follows:

            a) All boats shall travel COUNTER-CLOCKWISE around the course turning Left.

            b)     A one minute countdown procedure using an audio countdown clock shall be used to start each heat. The start of the race is at the initial sound of the horn/gun.

                     l)   A boat must be in the water and running at the 30-second mark. Once running, a boat must remain in constant forward motion or be assessed a one lap penalty.

                    ll)   All boats must fully circle the right and left hand turns (in that order) before being allowed to start.